We all know that most customers will choose to confirm all the pending items before the Chinese New Year, whether it is proofing the order or the finished goods ready for shipment.
I know that many customers know that the reason is not clear, and I will give you a popular science today.
The Chinese Spring Festival is arguably the most important festival in China. This is a cultural heritage. It is a festival where people spend a year busy in Tiannanhaibei. It is a festival that children look forward to, and a festival to visit relatives and friends.
Although the time required by the state is only 7 days, it actually started 10 days before the Spring Festival holiday. Many workers come from all over the country, so the workers would rather take the leave and go home earlier. At the same time, everyone subconsciously ends the Lantern Festival. It is the end of the Spring Festival holiday, so although many companies or factories have already started, there are no workers. It’s like a precision instrument. Even if your chip or system is good, but without gears, this instrument is still difficult to run.
At this point, you can probably understand why customers have to arrange things before the Spring Festival, because it can save almost one month.
Just think of our industry. If you plan to produce a batch of mummy bags, then you confirm the order years ago, we can purchase the materials as best as possible, and we can go directly to production next year. If we wait until next year, we will buy fabrics. It may be delayed for a long time, because maybe the material supplier is not at work, or the transportation unit is not available to arrange transportation.
Similarly, this is why the shipping company ran out of stock at the end of each year, because too many large goods are shipped during the Spring Festival, forming the hottest shipping season of the year.

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