Most parents don’t have the courage to organize a trip, because the thought of taking their children on a trip feels daunting. You have to plan everything with military precision, and do your best and have a lot of patience, so you must there is a suitable travel diaper bags.
Let’s take a look at the waterproof canvas diaper bag produced by Ibaby. What advantages does it have that make us interested in it:

1. It has a large enough capacity. It can hold all the necessary items for the baby, such as milk bottles, milk cans, wet wipes, diapers, and you can also put your mobile phone and keys in, so you only need to bring a bag and you can go.

2. It is waterproof. It is inevitable that you will encounter rain when you travel. At this time, the waterproof function can avoid the trouble of getting wet items on rainy days.

3. It is a classic style. If any bag is ugly, you will not carry it on your back. The simple and classic design of this travel bag is attractive enough for mom or dad to use it.

4. High-quality sewing technology. If the travel bag you use breaks down during your trip, you will lose your temper and scold the dealer and manufacturer of the bag. Therefore, a good travel mommy bag must use strong materials and good sewing technology to produce a durable mommy bag. The Ibaby produced this one can bear a weight of 50 kg, which fully meets your requirements

5. YKK zipper. For any bag, the zipper may be the first to break. This travel mummy bag produced by ibaby uses #5 YKK bronze metal zipper. We all know that YKK zipper is one of the best quality zippers

6. Customized service. Whether you are an importer, a brand or a retailer, we can add your idea and brand to make it more in line with your requirements

7. Small quantity orders. We know that any new product entering the market needs to test the consumer’s satisfaction with it, so we can produce a small number of orders for you to test the market.