Some client asks us that how to choose one perfect diaper bag, in fact, Everyone has their own subjective hobby, so finding the perfect diaper bag is like looking for any perfect accessory, depending on your personal preference.

Plenty of space

When you take a new life on the road, you need a lot of equipment. Plan to put diapers, baby clothes, bottles and blankets, and your own essentials such as wallets and keys in your bag.
The style of travel bag produced by Ibaby is very suitable for you. First of all, it’s size is enough to play, and then the internal space allocation is very reasonable, different items will be displayed in the corresponding pocket for you to find.

Easy to clean

Most of your diaper bags are close to poo and spit, so you may want to avoid materials that are easily soiled or difficult to clean.
Ibaby’s canvas-covered Mummy Bag will suit you, this material is covered with a film on the canvas, it is easy to clean.

Easy to share

If other people take care of the baby regularly, such as your partner or babysitter, they are also well received. In this way, you can choose a style that everyone likes.

Extra features

Many diaper bags have hooks that can be hung on the stroller handle. If you plan to walk with your stroller, this is a plus, but first make sure your stroller is firm enough not to fall over. Look for internal pockets – they are a convenient way to organize items in a space as large as a diaper bag. If you use a bottle, insulating the bottle is also a big advantage (it is also a good way to keep your own water-cooled). The zipper opening is a good way to ensure that you won’t fall off when you bend over to pick up your baby.