New fashion canvas handbags, wave stripes, single shoulder beach bags.

The product material is polyester cotton canvas with a variety of colors to choose from, can be repeatedly washed and not easy to fade, can be folded at will, carry very convenient, strong, durable, moderate thickness, texture is full. It can also be made of pure cotton canvas.

The product style belongs to fashion, literary and artistic model, campus style, patchwork, simple, naval style one-shoulder canvas bag, environmental protection, ease of mind and convenience.

Product Uses Student Family – Can be used as schoolbags, tutorial bags, packed books (A4 paper), learning utensils, etc.

Office workers can install documents, some essential items, etc., and can do shopping and shopping by hand after work.

Moms – can send kids, act as simple mothers’bags, bottles, milk powder, baby clothes, wet urine, etc.

Shopping in the supermarket – you can buy vegetables, daily necessities, etc.

Go out and install clothes, umbrellas, cell phones, keys, paper towels, cosmetics and so on.

Pattern printing mainly uses heat transfer printing, because the effect of heat transfer printing is lifelike, durable and odorless, shortcomings: small orders can not be used heat transfer printing, because the need for separate plate making, plate making costs are high. So if the order is small, it is usually screen printing.